Jackson, Mississippi skyline as seen from Red Hill in Rankin County

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I loved looking at your magazine. I live in Danbury, Connecticut now, but I was born and spent most of my life in Indianola, Mississippi. I was surprised to learn that Jackson sat atop of a volcano. Wow . . . simply mind blowing.
Dennis Holmes from Danbury, Connecticut

It is great to have an e-magazine that we can share with family and friends who live far away, but still want to stay in touch with this fabulous state that we call home. Keep up the good work!
Lynn Macon from Jackson, Mississippi

The New Southern View gets better and better. Thank you for continuing to publish! And, I look forward to the day when I can hold a paper copy again (I'm old fashion - I enjoy books and magazines in print form)
Ellen from Jackson. Mississippi

So glad you are doing this magazine. Keep it up!
Sandra from Jackson, Mississippi

Great to see this online! I'm from Jackson and a big Mississippi advocate! I live in the DC area now . . . love to read stuff about my homestate!
Blake M. Macon of Arlington, Virginia

I was born and raised in Mississippi and love to keep up! My family is still there.
Cindi Hayman of Salt Lake City, Utah

Your magazine helps me find unique locations around the state to hide caches in for fellow geocachers to find. Thanks.
Ron Willett of Flora, Mississippi

Love your ezine! I am the County Coordinator for the Hinds County MSGenWeb and find your magazine most enlightening.
Jane Combs of Waco, Texas

I wanted to let you know that from what I see so far, The New Southern View is FANTASIC! . . . KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
Pam Acey Sudderth of Summerfield, North Carolina

Enjoy reading your magazine, the articles are very impressive. I used to live in Mississippi and I miss being there.
Jackie of Olathe, Kansas

The New Southern View is a perfect place to learn of Mississippi's vast treasures, eclectic characters, and current events. What a fascinating Ezine!
Jamy Dickson of Raymond, Mississippi

Several years ago I read one of your magazines in the dental office while in Jackson. After that event I have tried to remember the name of The New Southern View Magazine, but never could find it. Now . . . I have.
James Lynchard of Vicksburg, Mississippi

Good job ya'll. I'm going to miss picking up a copy at my coffee shop, but I'm glad to see it still available online. The New Southern View is by far my favorite local publication. Instead of being full of politics and pretense like all the other guys, it boasts Mississippi's wonderful natural, architectural, and cultural gems we can all enjoy. As an avid canoeist, I've especially enjoyed the outdoor coverage (Wolf River, etc.). Most local paddlers know there is no other place for that.
Andy Hilton of Jackson, Mississippi

Love your magazine.
Artist Gary Walters of Jackson, Mississippi

You've captured the best of the best, giving your readers enjoyable history lessons and a heads-up on upcoming events to showcase Mississippi. It is obvious the investment of time your staff makes to publish well-researched articles.
V.T. of Clinton, Mississippi

A thousand thanks for your coverage of Mississippi's First Officially Chartered Bagpipe & Drum Band. The pen of Mr. William Pitts found it's mark not only on the pages of The New Southern View, but also within the hearts of those whose veins flow free with tartan blood.
Kris Carmichael of Jackson, Mississippi

It is great that you have your wonderful magazine online. You both do such a great job with it!!
Sunny Passmore of Clinton, Mississippi

This is a GORGEOUS magazine!
Cathy Massey of Jackson, Mississippi

Love this magazine!!!
Gail Muse of Raymond, Mississippi

I have only seen pictures of Mississippi and it is a beautiful state. I hope someday I can visit there.
Janice DeMichael of Norwalk, Connecticut

I wish you could mail me the magazine. I saw one at the Hinds County Courthouse in Raymond and was very interested in the articles. I was shocked to know that Jackson is on a volcano.
Darlene of Clinton, Mississippi

We really enjoy your magazine. Everyone around here thinks it's the greatest.
Martha at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi

As a teacher, your publication has valuable resources to supplement lessons on the history of our state. Your spring 2004 issue was of particular significance in our study of the Natchez Trace. Your articles and excellent photography have encouraged us to visit the backroads of Mississippi to discover its many secrets. Thank you so much for all of your efforts.
Vicky Thompson of Clinton, Mississippi

Great magazine about the Jackson area.
Edward H Gregory of Ridgeland, Mississippi



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